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STARTBOOST is the foundational vegetative additive in the APTUS lineup. Derived from humic acid, STARTBOOST can be used through the entire vegetative phase. Use as a root drench, foliar spray, seed starter and root dip

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      Feeding Type & Amount

      Regular feeding
      1 ml per 1 gallon

      4 ml per 1 gallon

      Transplant root dip
      40 ml per 1 gallon

      Foliar spray
      4 ml per 1 gallon

      Regular feeding
      0.25 ml per 1L

      1 ml per 1L

      Transplant root dip
      10 ml per 1L

      Foliar spray
      1 ml per 1L

      Add STARTBOOST to your reservoir every feeding during the entire vegetative phase and into the first week of flower to assist with a healthy transition to the bloom cycle. 

      If you’re starting new seeds or clones, soak your plugs in a solution of STARTBOOST and water at the rate of 4 ml per gallon. If using rockwool plugs, make sure to pH the solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

      STARTBOOST along with FASiLITOR is a foundation product used throughout the seed starting, cloning, vegetative, and early flowering stages of growth. 

      The leonardite used to make STARTBOOST is of the highest quality available. Leonardite is a mined natural source of humic material found within the earth.

      Humic substances have a positive effect on plant physiology by influencing nutrient uptake and root system interactions with the planting medium. 

      Through interactions with various compounds in the soil, countless complexes are formed from organic and mineral components. From the formation of these complexes, compounds may dissolve, mobilize, and transport products throughout the medium. It is these sets of complex-interactions with humic substances that provide soil health, structure, and ultimately benefit to the plant growing above. 

      Economical and easy to use. Use STARTBOOST at 1 ml per gallon through the vegetative phase of growth. 

      Natural chelator of materials present in the planting medium. 

      Humic Acid Building block of soil structure and health, natural chelator of various elements in the planting medium.

      Begin feeding with STARTBOOST (plus FASiLITOR) as soon as your plants develop initial roots and leaves. Continue feeding throughout the entire vegetative phase. 

      Use at 4 ml per gallon to pre-soak cloning plugs or starter plant growth mediums. 

      During transplanting, dip the roots of the plants directly in a 1:100 mixture (40 ml per gallon). 

      You can safely go up to 4 ml per 1 gallon during the vegetative phase for an enhanced effect.

      Professional cultivators running the CLEAN Program often add STARTBOOST as a once per week feed to stimulate plant health and root growth.


      The foundational vegetative additive

      Startboost is the cornerstone vegetative additive from APTUS, designed to support your plants from seed to early bloom.
      Made from top-quality leonardite, a natural source of humic acid, it enhances every vegetative phase, acting as a powerful root drench, foliar spray, seed starter, and root dip. When combined with FASiLITOR, it forms a solid foundation, promoting healthy growth from seed starting through the vegetative stage into early flowering.
      Startboost is not only effective but also economical, requiring just 1 ml per gallon. It naturally chelates materials in the planting medium, ensuring optimal nutrient availability and uptake for thriving plant development.

      Startboost FAQs

      Yes, STARTBOOST can be applied by itself as a foliar spray, although adding FASiLITOR will increase the effectiveness with the addition of the plant available silica particles.

      You can use STARTBOOST in a recirculating system but keep in mind the humic acid will form a biofilm which increases the need for cleaning. Most APTUS growers running recirculating hydroponic systems will add STARTBOOST to their reservoir 1 day prior to replacing the feed water which eliminates the build-up of biofilm and additional cleaning. Alternatively, you may consider running our CLEAN Program.

      Note: If you’re growing in a Deep Water Culture System DO NOT add STARTBOOST to the system. Products containing organic compounds should not be used in DWC systems. For DWC growers wanting to utilize Startboost, it’s recommended as a foliar spray only.

      You can, depending on substrate and cultivation method. If you’re growing in rockwool it’s not recommended. Similarly, if your grow is operating with a fertigation system, it’s not recommended to use STARTBOOST for more than one feed per week.

      While most commercial cultivators want to use products with benefits that STARTBOOST and BLOOMBOOST provide, their main concern is keeping their fertigation system clean and free of biofilm. For these customers, we recommend using STARTBOOST or BLOOMBOOST for one feed per week only. This provides the plant with the additional components desired while ensuring the system remains clean and free of contaminants.

      You can use these products in fertigation systems so long as it’s only once or twice per week. This practice will prevent the build-up of biofilm.

      Absolutely! STARTBOOST is an excellent supplement for all species of plants, especially flowering and fruiting plants.

      Feed Programs


      This program is the easiest, most concentrated, low cost program on the market. The pH stability is so reliable you can mix and set your reservoir on a given day and it will read exactly the same (+- 0.05) seven days later with no adjustment in between.


      This program is the absolute gold standard of quality, flavour, oil production and shelf life. This is the program for the grower looking to produce the absolute best flower they can or any extraction artist looking to increase the quality, colour and yield of their extracts.


      Access to the OG programs that include Soil PRO and Soil BASIC, as well as the Extreme Program.

      All of these are available for download.

      Faster, Healthier
      Root Development

      Thicker, Stronger

      Higher Quality
      Fruits & Flowers


      Superior Flavor Profile

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