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Every garden, regardless of its size, holds potential waiting to be unleashed. Meet Fasilitor - not just another name in the long list of fertilizers but a revolution in plant nutrition. Built with a foundation of scientific innovation, Fasilitor stands out as the comprehensive solution for plant health and vitality.


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With a myriad of options in the market, what sets Fasilitor apart? It’s the commitment to true, enhanced nutrition. It boosts every fertilizer you already use, ensuring plants not only absorb but utilize nutrients to their fullest potential.

The Fasilitor Difference

Unlock True Potential: Beyond nourishment, Fasilitor is the secret to unlocking your garden’s true potential. Enhanced nutrient absorption translates to visibly healthier plants.

Resilient Growth: In a world where plants constantly battle pests and changing environmental conditions, Fasilitor offers them the armor of resilience and vigor.

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Silicic Acid

Beyond being a mineral translocation adjuster, this powerhouse ingredient acts as a cell wall strengthener and a stress-reduction agent for both abiotic and biotic stresses. In simpler terms, it’s like giving your plant a strong shield against external threats while ensuring it efficiently uses all the good stuff you feed it.


Think of Boron as the architect of the plant world. It’s a precursor to cell wall formation, ensuring the structure of your plant is robust. It doesn’t stop there. Boron acts as a translocator of plant energy, especially sugars, making sure the energy is delivered where it’s needed most. Plus, it plays a key role in flower and fruit formation.


This might be a mouthful to pronounce, but its role is straightforward. Molybdenum helps create beneficial plant enzymes and is instrumental in synthesizing organic phosphorus. And for those who pride themselves on organic gardening, this element is crucial for the atmospheric nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil.